Let Him In!!!

pete_rose.JPGYou know, there is not a person in the world that would jump to defend
Pete Rose when debating the mans morality. He is a class A moron. No
doubt about it. I do not even think that Pete himself would refute his
bad reputation as a person, but (and this is a big but) The Hall of
Fame is not a shrine for the upstanding good guy award winners. No, it
is a shrine for the best baseball players to grace the baseball diamond.

Bud Selig’s claims that Pete’s actions brought in doubt the integrity of
Major League Baseball. Seriously? When in the world did MLB gain
integrity? I was not given any memo on this. What about you? Did you
get some memo from MLB saying, “Hey we have intergrity now!”?

guess the whole steroid era that Bud Selig himself turned a blind eye
to would not prevent MLB from having integrity. I mean baseball players
transforming from bean poles to various versions of the Incredible Hulk
and Bud never questioned any of it. Players who hit 12 or 15 homeruns a
season started belting out 40 and 50 right in front of our very eyes
and nothing was said. Why? Because it put fans in the seats and that
was good for business. More seats sold equals more revenue generated by
Major League Baseball.

And what about the Black Sox. The 1919
World Series? We pretty much have all seen the movie 8 Man Out. It was
a great movie. Well, great except for the small detail of it being a
true story. The majority of a professional baseball team, the White Sox, got together to
throw the World Series. Not just any series, but the World Series. All
because Charles Comiskey was a lying cheap no good shmuck. He never
paid promises of bonus monies to his players. He also saw to it that
some players were benched towards the end of the season to prevent them
from achieving certain levels in wins, hits or games played to be
guaranteed other bonus monies. So the team took matters in their own
hands to make a few extra bucks. The players get black balled from
baseball and Charles Comiskey gets a ball park named after him. Now
doesn’t that just scream integrity?

Now, do not get me wrong. I
am not saying that Major League Baseball sucks, because I am not. I
love the game. I love it with a passion. What I am saying is Major League Baseball does not have any integrity, and to use that as an excuse to keep a baseball
legend out of The Hall of Fame is a crock!! Pete is an idiot. Pete bet
on games. Pete has to be the dumbest person alive. But Pete, well when
he was on the field he was a God. No one played the game like him. He
played the game with the kind of reckless abandon that fans love to see.

it is not like Pete would be the first “Bad Boy” to be immortalized in
The Hall of Fame. One of baseball’s biggest icon was a drunk and a
philanderer. Yes, I am referring to Babe Ruth. What about Ty Cobb. He
was the dirtiest player in that game. Sharpened his spikes before his
games. Fought with opposing teams as well as his own team. He even
admitted to killing someone. Mickey Mantle was an alcoholic who played
some games through bloodshot eyes. Gaylord Perry doctored baseballs. It
could be argued that each compromised the integrity of the game in some
degree. Yet they’re all in the Hall of Fame.

So it is time. It
is time for Major League Baseball to honor Pete Rose. Open the doors
and let the man in. Let him into where he belongs. Let him in
Cooperstown. Let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame.

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