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Manny Ramirez


The Dodgers season came to a crashing end this
week when the Phillies clinched the National League Pennant. So that
turn of events made Manny Ramirez a free agent being able to go to the
highest bidder.

The jackass, Scott “No Soul” Boras has stated that
the bidding war will start at 6 years $150 million. Now that is $25 million a
season which believe it or not is not the issue that Manny will face.
No one doubts that Manny will get the $25 million he desires. One GM
told Ken Rosenthal that if he was allowed to pursue Manny he would
offer him a contract in the neighborhood of $25 to $30 million a year for two
years with a third option year. That just blows my mind. $30 million a

Manny will also have other issues working against him.
One being his agent Scott Boras who as we all remember he dropped
the ball last season with Alex Rodriguez. Boras is hated by almost all
teams. The Braves view him as the root of all evil in baseball. The
Yankees long standing relationship with him was strained maybe beyond
repair over the Alex Rodriguez saga last season. Then there is the
Astros who refuse to deal with Boras after the royal screwing that was
handed to them in the Beltran sweepstakes.

The last issue that
Manny faces in getting his long term deal is “Manny being Manny”. Even
though the Dodgers were willing to take on Manny and his many alter
egos, they knew it was very short term for the time being. The Dodgers
took notice along with every other team in the league when Manny
disgraced himself to get traded from the team that helped him get two
World Series rings.

There is just simply too much stacked
against Manny for him to be able to get his six year deal. The money
will come and there is no doubt about that. But I doubt very seriously
he will get more than 3 years.