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Not so big name free agents #1


There are a ton of big name free agents out there this year.
Manny, Mark, CC, Sheets, AJ and Lowe just to name a few. But what are some of
the smaller names out there that may provide a big boost to some teams?


I am going to do a series on these players one at a time.


Jim Edmonds:


batting average has nosed dived the past 3 years, but he proved last year he
can still hit homeruns. Edmonds
belted 20 dingers for the season in 2008 which was up from the 12 he hit in
2007. If you are looking for the 20 to be the anomaly you would be wrong. 12
homers is the lowest homerun count in almost a decade for Edmonds. Every other year he has had 20 or
more homeruns. So the anomaly would be the 12 mark.


is not the fielder that he once was but considering the reckless abandon that
he played game with for so many years and the fact that he will turn 39 during
the 09 season, you have to expect him to have lost a step or two in his game.
Even an Edmonds
with a lost step he is still and above average fielder and would man any
centerfield in the majors just fine.


Now do not expect to see the Jim Edmonds of old by any stretch
of the imagination, but a formidable one could and should be expected. He is
still capable of posting a .260 BA and hitting 20 dingers which would be a good
upgrade in centerfield for MOST teams.


Teams that Jim Edmonds would be a good fit for: Houston
Astros, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals

Jim Edmonds could retire

After being shown the door by two different teams in less
than a year’s time Jim Edmonds went to Chicago
with something to prove. He had to prove that he was still a fierce competitor
on the baseball diamond and he accomplished that.  Grant it, a .235 batting average is nothing to
sing about but keep in mind that he hit .256 for the Cubs and knocked 19
homeruns (20 on the season) and while still playing a high standard of baseball
in center field. Sure, he may have lost a step or two but lets face it, that only
brings his level of play down to just above average.


Now with free agency looming for Edmonds he seems to be pondering retirement.
The Cubs have mentioned they would like to bring Edmonds back but will not break the bank to
do so. Edmonds
made around $8 million this season and will probably see a significant pay cut
to around the $5 million mark. This could attract a hand full of suitors.


Side note: Jim Edmonds is 18 homeruns shy of reaching
400 for his career. This my be enough to bring him back for one more season.